The proposed project at the intersection of 25th & C streets is situated one of the unique and culturally diverse urban neighborhoods in San Diego, Golden Hill. With the history of the Golden Hill reaching back over 150 years, 25th & C St. pays homage to the districts humble beginnings by activating an under-utilized corner property, as the most valuable amenity to any proposed project is its location. Within walking distance of the proposed site, there are numerous amounts of historic era buildings, a variety of diverse restaurants, bars, services and Balboa Park. The 25th & C st. project is a dynamic example of San Diego’s dynamic urban in-fill style that defines the social fabric of this unique district. Livable architectural character presents itself in the form of a modern build with formal aspects taking cues via a courtyard vernacular apartment design elevated above ground level commercial space that further activates the area. The overall ideas express themselves with lasting materiality featuring the use of time tested exposed cast concrete, while creating contrast with black anodized panel siding and screening. With the full building height right at 30 feet and situated on a 17,000 square foot parcel, 25th & C St. takes advantage of the site constraints by offering multi-level and split level platforms in order to create private open space for each dwelling. The number of allowable dwelling units per the city of San Diego was doubled, effectively increasing the housing stock within the world’s finest city and allows accommodation to an ever expanding demographic while at the same time activating a commercial corner in the dynamic neighborhood of Golden Hill.