Georgia St. is a unique project where Hillcrest and North Park meet, located just outside the urban neighborhood and nested in a quiet community. This project is in the perfect location, playing to our contemporary design style and bringing a new architectural aesthetic to the area. The site itself was a preexisting home in which we have given a face lift to be a cohesive design throughout the project, while just behind this home is a steep embankment in which our development is nested into. With the street presence already taken over from the original house, this project makes use of the connecting ally to provide a unique opportunity for us to make a private and secluded apartment complex. The building steps and staggers to ensure that each unit has its own private patio as well as letting plenty of fresh air and natural light. Using a series of false walls and horizontal elements to create architectural forms to designate different areas and defining the volume of outdoor spaces. Each side of the façade had its own set of constraints to contend with but in the end it came out as a tenacious design.