Leveraging community relationships to acquire properties with opportunity

Creating the identity of multifamily profitability by design

Realization of investment properties with cost savings and efficiency

Transending market rates with limited cost to the investment

Maximizing project potential while delivering higher than average returns

Diversify your portfolio and increase your capital stack

Who We Are

InDev LLC is a private San Diego-based investment and development firm that draws its resources from the know-how of its founding members, along with a wide array of financial backers and industry-leading professionals. InDev‘s (invest + develop) success is rooted in our steadfast commitment to developing income-producing properties that deliver higher-than-average returns.
InDev identifies and cultivates compelling development opportunities in select markets that will serve both architecturally and financially as one. InDev’s strength is drawn from our founding and managing members’ backgrounds in commercial brokerage, financial planning, architecture, construction, development, as well as our shared entrepreneurial spirit.

Strategic Focus

InDev uses its team of highly seasoned architects, engineers, construction managers, contractors, real estate analysts, financial planners, and commercial real estate professionals to develop our infill projects from land acquisition through construction and finishing with property management. InDev draws upon its talent to create successful projects with promising returns, while streamlining the traditional development process by keeping all management in house. By bringing much of what would otherwise be outsourced work in-house, InDev is continuing to maximize profitability and minimize conflicting views. When the designers and builders are the developers and decision makers, a more valuable building is the result.

About our team

Invest + Develop

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